Posted on January 10, 2014 · Posted in General

Opening a new business is a huge undertaking. As soon as the preliminary efforts are complete, one still needs to make sure that the new office is client-ready. Consider the following five ideas to help make your new office a place where clients will love to be.


Clients enjoy being greeted by a bright happy person with a smile. Thus, an essential aspect of getting your office ready for clients is to hire the right employees that can live out your vision and can treat your clients the way you desire.

Supplies or Products

It is essential to have a sufficient amount of your product on display. Many clients will not buy a product without physically seeing it beforehand. If you offer a service, you can boost a client’s confidence in your abilities by displaying diplomas you have earned, awards, certificates or other accomplishments.

Marketing Materials

It is said that one of the most effective methods of advertising is word-of-mouth marketing. That being said, consider displaying a variety of marketing materials in your office like brochures, fliers, or magnets. Often, clients simply need something tangible to hand to family and friends, which will create the initial conversation that ultimately leads to a referral or sales lead.


Indoor and outdoor lighting is critical to any environment where business transactions take place. Bright lighting can help make a small office appear larger, and it can also help clients feel safe visiting you after dusk. Conversely, entering an office that is dimly lit can seem depressing and unwelcoming. The sight of a poorly lit storefront can deter clients from even entering. Cozy lighting is perfect for certain areas such as a foyer, lobby or a waiting room.


Everyone loves comfortable seating whether it is at home, the office or a place of business. Thus, filling your office with the right type of furniture is critical. When shopping for furniture in Whitehall PA, look for items that flow with the decor of the surrounding offices as well as furnishings that are comfortable yet contemporary. Whitehall furniture stores understand the importance of a first impression. Nothing impedes the urge to buy or do business more than walking into a room full of outdated furniture.

Essentially, you can make your new office client-ready by doing a few things including hiring employees that can treat clients as you envision, keeping plenty of products on hand, displaying marketing materials, using sufficient lighting and filling the office with furniture that is comfortable yet contemporary.