Posted on October 2, 2013 · Posted in General

A business strategy is akin to a game plan. This is the blueprint that your business or company will utilise to conduct operations, gain market share, and hopefully function to be an effective and profit-making entity. Creating a business strategy allows you to identify business objectives, while employing that strategy facilitates the accomplishment of those objectives.

Whatever the size of your business, whether you have a series of offices around the globe or run your business from a virtual office utilising the services of a company like Servcorp Australia, implementing a business strategy is essential.

Developing a business strategy and putting it into action exemplifies dedication by management to following an agreed upon set of actions designed to increase the company’s financial performance and increase the bottom-line. A business strategy really helps focus efforts on what is important.

Your business strategy should necessarily focus on growing your business: in a nutshell this means building a loyal customer base and competing against your rivals in the marketplace. Every area of the business, from sales and marketing, to production and human resources, should represent a unified approach to the adoption and implementation of the business strategy.

Whatever type of business you conduct, there are five good reasons why you need to create and implement a business strategy.

Lower Overall Costs

A well thought out business strategy will focus on how to achieve lower overall costs in your business. The ideal position to be in is to achieve lower costs than your business competitors so that you can have the edge in the marketplace, establishing a solid customer base by being able to offer a competitively priced product. If your strategy is sound you may even be able to undercut the prices of your rivals.

Create Strong Differentiation

One of the advantages of a good business strategy is that should focus on differentiating your product or service from your competitors. In an overcrowded marketplace, it is essential to create differentiation so that your product stands out and gets noticed. This does not generally happen organically and much thought and planning will need to be directed at positioning your product with a strong point of difference.

Maximising Product Attributes

Another important benefit of creating a sound business strategy is focussing effort on maximising the product attributes of your offering. Providing goods or service with strong product attributes at a competitive price is a winning strategy for building a strong business. Business strategy gives you a platform for planning how to maximise product attributes.

Identify Your Niche

Planning business strategy is important in helping you clearly identify the niche you are aiming to fill. Without a very clear niche you are in danger of spreading your efforts and funds too widely, in a kind of scatter-gun approach to marketing and sales. A clearly defined niche will ensure you invest within your target market,

Bringing Low Cost & Differentiation to Your Nice

Once you have determined strategies to lower your costs and to create strong differentiation from your competitors, your business strategy will allow you to apply these advantages to your niche.