Posted on October 28, 2013 · Posted in General

Buying a franchise is a great idea – especially if you have a particular passion or field of expertise. It’s generally considered to be a very positive experience. Whether you start up a fast food franchise or manage a Coral Homes franchise, there are no doubts that being a franchisee can be a wonderful step economically. There are, however, some traps that people fall into when they first step up to the business. It’s important to be aware of what may be waiting for you, and ensure that you avoid these five common traps.


If you’re going to do anything before you start, it is absolutely vital that you ensure you have enough money. The money you make from the first week, to the first year of your business may not cover the expenses that you have to pay. So, it’s essential that you can cover the costs until the profit starts coming in. This certainly doesn’t mean that you won’t make any money – and you definitely won’t lose any – it just means that it takes time. And during this time, you must be able to cover all costs yourself.

On a Whim:

Because the franchise business is so popular, and known to be very successful, many people decide to buy a franchise on a whim. This is a mistake. One of the most important things to do before buying the business you’re interested in is to talk to an advisor. There are specific franchise advisors that can tell you everything you need to know. This way, you are equipped and prepared for what awaits you.

Overlooked Expenses:

Aside from the large, initial costs, there are other expenses when owning a franchise business. Many of these costs are overlooked, and owners end up overspending and receiving surprisingly high bills. Make sure you’re aware of the costs you will be needing to pay – all of them – before buying a franchise. The smallest thing may make a difference if you’re not aware.

Lack of Promotion:

Many of the smaller franchise businesses tend to lack publicity and promotion. It’s common for the head offices to promote only the franchises opening up in their local area, or in the hustle and bustle of the cities. For a small town franchise business, this can be bad news. So, have a think about this before buying. Talk about publicity, and if you need to, organise your own promotion strategy.

You’re in it for the Long Haul:

Some people tend to think that buying a franchise is the perfect ‘get rich quick strategy.’ Although something like that would be nice, it’s completely untrue. Owning a franchise requires you to put in large amounts of effort. You can’t just sit back and watch the money pile up. Similarly, you can’t quit when you get bored. Owning a franchise is not a short term solution to your finances. Most franchise companies work on a minimum of five year agreements.

Despite the traps that some fall into when buying a franchise, it is a truly rewarding experience. You will learn and enjoy your time running a franchise business. It’s sure to teach you something new every day. But be wary of the traps that are out there that many unprepared people fall into. For more information about buying a franchise in Australia visit Coral Homes Franchise Business.