Posted on October 18, 2013 · Posted in Social Media

I consider Twitter as one of my best tools. I made ​​many mistakes in the past. Now, I try to make maximum attention to my subscribers. If you have a lot of churn, it is time to check some symptoms. Here are eight mistakes to avoid on Twitter to keep subscribers / followers…

1. Self-retweet!

There, I admit being skeptical. I still do not understand what the purpose of that kind of stuff. Some people do self-Retweet! If someone can give me a reasonable explanation, I would see clearer … or I missed something!

2. Thank a Follow!

On this point, I must say that some Twitter users are exploits. Thank all the people who follow you are a blow to lose a package subscribers (or followers). Imagine the guy’s timeline:

Thank you for the follow @ Tip

Thank you for the follow @ Finance

Thank you for the follow @ Entertainment, etc.

3. Automatic messages!

Admit that the automated messages make you rage too! Just for that, I click a few times on the button “Unsubscribe”.  Sites that offer that should burn in hell!

4. The avatar of the egg shell!

3, 2, 1, go! Go to the Twitter home page. At the top right, click on “Settings”. In the tab “Profile”, click “Choose File” to send an avatar. Finish with “Save changes”. TOP CHRONO! So, how long? 2 minutes? So why some users roam (proudly) with this eggshell damn? FYI, the incubation time for a bird is 11 to 21 days (thank you Wikipedia  ).

5. Begging!

“Please RT” It is where? At Emmaus? If a Tweet to be powered it will be. Otherwise, there is no place in the Top Tweets . Do not force people to retweet you. And just between us, when we ask you … do you?

6. The quantity is not quality!

I’m not the kind of person to rot Timeline of my subscribers. I respect you too much for that. For me, it is between 2 and 4 Tweets per day. After that, it starts to make a lot. As I said: “The amount is not the quality”

7. The frenzy FollowFriday!

Ok, the FollowFriday (# FF), it was there one or two years. Now that drunk! And frankly, there was a reader of this article has already taken another because person was part of a FollowFriday?

8. The obsession Follow Back!

Some Twitter users follow you just to have a “Follow Back” (or follow back). But wait, man, if I do not want to follow you is that your Timeline is rotten … or you serve anything! If you expect that from me, sometimes I stay more than a week before checking my new subscribers! Until then, you’ll already press the button famous “Unsubscribe”. is one of the best tool to recover from all such mistakes.

Have you ever made these mistakes? Do you precisely whether errors? Feel free to give your opinion … That is “fight” a bit in the comments.