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People write blogs for many reasons. Some people do it as a hobby, or to promote their services, products, or businesses. There are also those who blog in an attempt to make a living from the platform. One major struggle for bloggers, who wish to blog for a living, is that they have trouble generating an income from it. While there are many ways to monetize your blog to make money, writing and editing are two viable skill sets that you can use in combination with your blog to earn a decent living.

Create a Niche on a Topic That You’re Passionate About

There are many great niches to choose from. Showcase your writing skills surrounding a niche you enjoy, and offer solutions to problems that people are having. Focus on writing quality content consistently. Over time, people will discover your blog, subscribe to it, and then tell their friends about it. There are many profitable niches. However, there are a few questions to consider when finding your niche. Is the topic trendy? Don’t choose a topic that is seasonal and will have little relevance a year from your start date. Is there a huge demand but very minimal supply? Don’t focus on broad niches like pregnancy, weight loss, and acne. Delve a little deeper into each niche for a topic that is more specific.

Promote Your Services

Whether you’re a new writer or a seasoned editor, use your blog as a platform to promote your services. Dedicate a special section on your blog for promotional information. Showcase samples of your work, client testimonials, and the starting rates for your services. Locate businesses, editors, and blog owners also in your niche. Let them know that you exist by offering your services. Include a cover letter and samples of your work when you submit an inquiry.

Sell eBooks

Magazines, paper books, and newspapers are slowly dying as printed publications go digital. Cash in on this growing field. Consider creating eBooks in your niche on helpful topics. Writing and selling eBooks is a great way to make money online. After you write it once, you can continue to generate revenue from it. Promote your eBook on your blog and social networking sites.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing system whereby businesses reward publishers for promoting their services, products, or websites. This performance-based marketing system pays publishers a commission from the sales or traffic that they direct back to the business. Use this tool as way to generate income passively. Choose a product that aligns with your blog and niche. Be sure to only promote good quality products or services. Write helpful content surrounding the product or services without over-promoting it.

Bloggers often underestimate all of the work involved with blogging. It is time-consuming, and takes a lot hard work to get to your blog to the point where you are consistently earning a decent living. Do not expect success overnight. Also, blogging is not just about blogging itself. You have to network and get your name out there. This is done by guest posting on someone else’s blog, or finding blogs in your niche and leaving valuable comments (with a link back to your own blog, of course).


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