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The day you’ve been looking forward to for years is finally here:  You’re about to graduate with your degree in health care. All of your studying, exams and effort are about to pay off. However, you’re also about to experience yet another challenge, which is entering the health care job market. Finding a job after graduation is the big fear on every fresh graduate’s mind. While it can often seem difficult, and it can be, it’s certainly achievable. It just takes expanding your options beyond the typical avenues that most recent medical students explore. By thoroughly canvassing every health care option within your area, you can find lasting, and satisfying, employment.

Ideal Locations to Seek Employment

Health care is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are over 200 different careers in the health care industry. In fact, eight of the fastest-growing 20 careers in the United States are in health care. Now that your worries have been somewhat alleviated, below are several locations to apply for employment in the health care industry:

  • Hospitals – Hospitals are perhaps the most common employment source for graduates. There are several different types of hospitals to consider. Much like companies, each hospital has different policies, work environments and pay rates. It’s wise to call ahead when applying to a hospital, as this allows you to be certain that they have an actual opening, set up an appointment and not interrupt any important procedures.
  • Private Practices – If you would prefer a smaller work environment that’s more intimate, consider private practices. These smaller offices typically consist of a few doctors, nurses and administrators. Dress your best, prepare your resume and confidently enter the private practice to ask if they have any job openings.
  • Nonprofit Organizations – A nonprofit organization has been formed to promote or assist a certain cause. A large number of these organizations are related to health care. They strive to provide care to those in need and develop new policies to help everyone, regardless of income level, receive sufficient care. You likely entered the health care industry because you possess a certain amount of compassion; take this compassion to the next level by seeking employment with a nonprofit organization.
  • Government and Military – There are hundreds of government positions available. Some are directly clinical roles, while others are more administrative. It’s worth mentioning that the government typically pays its employees well and provides them with attractive benefits.

Use Online Sources

There are numerous websites and job-posting sites that can be used to aid your search. Although the traditional approach of visiting the health care facility is appreciated by many employers, online job-posting sites cut out the time spent visiting facilities that are not hiring. An online resource is perhaps the best way to apply for several positions at the same time. Take time to complete a number of applications to increase your chances of finding employment.

Online sources typically list postings based on the job description and responsibilities. For example, if you are seeking nursing opportunities, you should be able to sort through the listings to only show nursing positions. Additionally, you can view all of the healthcare administration careers that are available in your area. Online job-posting sites have become the new way to search for jobs, but do not discount the importance of physically seeking employment.

Finding Employment Is Possible

Expand your potential opportunities by exploring both online and offline opportunities. Apply the same work ethic you used in your studies toward job-hunting. You’ll be able to find employment with regular effort. Do not give up if you don’t land the first few jobs for which you interview; remember that there are plenty of open health care positions. Practice your interview skills to land that job you’ve been dreaming about since you registered for your first semester. Another great tip is to continue your education. Look over at this website to learn how to obtain an online Master’s in Health Care Ethics degree. It’s a good way to impress a potential employer.

Will Hamlin is a contributing writer who expects to graduate with his health care management degree next spring. He has already begun his postgraduate job search, mostly applying to nonprofit organizations.