Posted on December 13, 2012 · Posted in General

It is important to get many visitors to your website but it is even better to get many visitors to your page. If you get high figure of people visiting your page, this means that they find your page to be informative and they are satisfied with the content on it.

What should you do keep the visitors seeing your website over and over again? SEO will help you greatly if you want to complete that perfectly that will maximize the views of your page.

?here are some basic methods in SEO, which will help you improve the content of your page and that way it the visitors will not have to struggle to get from one page to another. With this help, you will have your website positioned better in the search engines and you will increase the amount of unique views.


They are helpful to distribute PageRank, this includes a transfer from pages that are good positioned to a rather non-popular pages.
Internal links will increase page unique views. They will allow the reader to find articles better that are connected to the content that he or she is looking for.

You want to have internal links because you will get more viewers and you will get better positioned in the search engines. These links are like beacons, showing that you have more content that is at the viewer disposal.


If you happen to have good quality content, then you should not doubt that the visitors will visit more than one page when they are on your website.

You must focus to create huge volumes of good content, which must be informative and at the same time unique. These articles will play important role in the SEO and the strategy to increase the page viewer’s rate.

You want to make updates regularly. All the content that is on your website should be somehow connected to your main topic. You must give the audience what it like- original ideas, presented in a very original way. If you present the audience only good content each time, you will feel that you are getting more and more visitors and the traffic will be increased.


If you have many articles on your website, it is sure that it will be much easier for the search engines to show your website to the people

If there are multiple points of entry, it will be easier for the audience to find your website and that way you will increase the number of people visiting your webpage.

If you provide the search engines a good sitemap, it will guarantee that you will attract more people toward your web page. Without any sitemap, all search engines will simply index your original homepage, without actually revealing the content of your pages.

Sitemap is actually a place, where search engines will easily find your content, including articles, categories and of course subcategories. Sitemap is the path, showing the search engines to find your content faster and more effectively.


You want to have very simple website navigation, which will help you to in SEO and will make more visitors to visit your website.

A simple and well ordered navigation is easy way for search engines, site visitors and administrators to navigate the site to find other content which is related to their search and make the best experience.

It will most certainly be better for all categories of your website to be easily accessible from your homepage. It also provides links to some of its more relevant and useful. Think how to create it more accessible. Everything of value must be one click away.

You can add page views with the help of SEO, you must think about good content and simplicity. Work for both the content and structure. Site must be easy to navigate and useful for the visitors. You can also make the work of the search engines much easier.