Posted on January 24, 2014 · Posted in Personal

If you’ve ever been an exhibitor in a trade show, you know that it’s important to attract all the attention you can to your booth to help with sales and generate leads. Because so many businesses are competing to gain the customer’s attention, it’s important that your booth display stands out from the rest. By taking advantage of this opportunity for exposure, it will lead to big sales and huge profits.

Bright Colors

Using bright colors is one of the best ways to draw attention to your booth. This means everything from the clothing your representatives wear to the covering for your table display. Vivid colors attract attention and radiate a cheerful feeling. Promote company recognition and brand awareness by using colors from your business logo. Add complementary colors to let your message be loud and clear from a distance.


Find some unique items to decorate your booth with that represent your company and products. Display some articles about your business and any awards you might have received. These are great conversation starters, and they allow the potential customer to know more about your business.


Banners displaying your company logo, name and a marketing message should communicate your brand to your specific target audience. Make sure all graphics are easily seen. Banners should be visible enough to attract a lot of attention and encourage those visiting to stop and find out more. Retractable banners stand out well and allow you to move the display so that it gets the best visibility.

Promotional Items

Having promotional products to hand out is a great way to get people to stop at your booth. Custom calendars for business are one great example as well as key chains, pens and other novelty items imprinted with your company logo and name. These promotional products can draw visitors to your display booth. Promotional products like these act as walking billboards, ensuring that you gain repeated marketing exposure every time they are used by recipients. Along with your company name and logo, include the phone number, address and website for your business. After all, getting the customer to contact you is the goal.

Team Apparel

Another way to stand out from the rest and promote your brand is by having your team wear apparel personalized for your business. Custom hats and shirts that are imprinted or embroidered with your company’s name and logo are a must. Personalized apparel makes your team more noticeable and reinforces your brand and business. Additionally, having your team wear uniforms helps make them more approachable and recognizable than the other participants dressed in casual clothing.

Be sure to have plenty of team members at your booth answering questions and greeting potential customers. The last thing you want to do is lose a sale because you can’t escape a conversation with someone else to speak to a new guest stopping by. Never underestimate the importance of eye-catching promotional products to lure potential customers in. If you have a large staff ready to educate visitors about your products, your company will stand out more powerfully in people’s minds. Make sure the team has a positive attitude and greets every guest with a smile. The importance of treating people with kindness and respect cannot be overstated.