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A resume is a document that tells companies a little bit about your previous working experience. You will mention where you went to school, significant job titles that you have held as well as the relevant skills that you have learned during your career so far. While the concept of the resume will never change, what are some ways that job seekers are putting a modern twist on the resume and what will make you stand out for those ideal marketing or it jobs?

Make A Video Resume

Instead of listing their accomplishments on a piece of paper, job seekers are creating a video version of their resume. This offers unique advantages such as being able to post a resume on a site such as YouTube or other video uploading sites. Uploading a video resume gives it the chance to go viral and be seen by hiring managers around the world.

Use Social Media To Create A Resume

Social media resumes have become all the rage over the past few years. Typically, people will post generic information about themselves such as their interests and where they are from. A social media resume uses the profile format to list their accomplishments and their job skills. When done correctly, these profiles can be seen by anybody in the world.

List Their Accomplishments On A Blog

Blogging has become popular as businesses and job seekers begin to understand how it can be used as promotional tool. Your blog can be used to talk about previous accomplishments, your ideas for future advancements in your industry and anything else that would make you attractive to an employer.

Create A Resume In The Shape Of An Existing Product

Job seekers have been getting extra creative as the job market has become more competitive. Examples of extreme resumes include resumes that look like nutritional labels or come shaped like products commonly found in a particular industry. This makes you look like a motivated and creative talent that would benefit a company immediately.

Turn Their Resume Into A Presentation

Instead of creating a physical resume, the cover letter is the only piece of paper that is sent to a potential employer. A tape, DVD or link to a website is included enticing the hiring manager to find out more about the employee. If the hiring manager does take the bait, he or she is directed to a clip of the employee in action. Although this seems much like a video resume, the applicant does more than just talk about his or her experience. Instead, the applicant is showing what they can do. In business, showing is always better than telling.

The days of a paper resume are slowly staring to fade. Employers want workers who are creative and can show what they know. If you can think outside of the box when it comes to talking to potential employers, you will give yourself a better chance to find a job.

Author Bio: Nicole is a recruitment agent and has been for the past 5 years. She aims to help her clients find jobs and guide them in the right direction. She started writing blogs to share her knowledge for others who are looking for general help and ideas to get them started on their career.