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Many business owners are at risk of being sued by their employees for worker’s compensation. It is important you do everything possible to protect your employees, but also yourself from real or frivolous lawsuits. For attorneys such as Edwin L Gagnon workers compensation suits are able to provide them with an entire firm’s worth of work. There is a lot to learn about this area of the law. Read further for a few tips on how to protect your business.

1. Provide a Safe Working Environment

Keep work spaces hazard-free. Don’t have heavy crates piled up so high there is any danger they may fall. Clearly mark all areas where heavy equipment will be in use. Make sure each employee knows exactly where they are authorized to be within the work place. Supply each worker with necessary safety gear as needed such as helmets, steel-toed boots, eye goggles, gloves and make it mandatory that these items are worn when necessary.

2. Utilize Security Cameras

It is a good idea to have cameras covering your entire work area so if there is an accident you will have a video record of exactly what occurred and how. Unfortunately, sometimes an employee may fake an accident, and your security camera may be able to prove that and save you from losing a lawsuit.

3. Background Check Your Employees

It is very important you do thorough checks of all your potential employees. Speak to their supervisor from each past job and do a complete background check. Court records will show you if your potential new hire has made a career out of suing their past employers.

4. Ensure Proper Training

Make sure no employee is performing their duties without the proper training, certification and licensing. For example, it’s never okay to hire a teenager for the summer to run your forklift unless they are properly trained. Make sure all your employees have the proper licenses or certifications to perform the kinds of labor they may be called to do for your business.

5. Carry Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Otherwise known as EPLI, this type of insurance will not keep you from having a lawsuit brought against you, but it will protect you from financial ruin if an accident does occur, for which you are liable.

These five tips will help you to avoid having your business sued in a worker’s compensation suit. They will also be a step in the direction of keeping your employees safe. No business owner wants to see any of their employees hurt or even killed, but you must also protect yourself and your business. For more thorough information, contact a lawyer like Edwin L Gagnon Workers Compensation attorney.