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Everyone wants to go out to the pub for drinks and fun occasionally, but if the pub is not safe and managed properly, it will not get visitors. The safer the pub is in general the more customers, especially ladies, it will receive. Keeping your pub safe and manageable is easy to do with a few simple to follow tips.


Have A Well Trained Staff


The first step in having a safe and manageable pub is to have a well trained staff. This seems like an obvious step in running a pub, however, many pub owners will just throw bartenders and wait staff out on the floor as soon as they arrive to work if they have experience. Training your staff to give the quality of service you expect them to give assures that customers will get that quality of service they expect when they walk in your door.


Watch Out For Theft


No business owner wants to think about any member of their staff stealing, however, it does and will happen occasionally. To keep a pub safe and manageable theft has to be monitored. A great way to keep an eye on your pub no matter what you are doing is Vivint home security. Whether your pub is in Nashville TN and you’re vacationing in San Diego CA, you can monitor your pub and employees from your phone to the cameras. This home/commercial security system will ensure acts of theft will not go unnoticed.


Know What Happens Behind The Bar


As a manager, picking up a couple shifts behind the bar can greatly benefit the pub. By working a couple shifts behind the bar, you can ensure everything is in proper order behind the bar, observe employees in action, and talk to the customers. The ultimate goal of the pub is to have happy customers that will keep coming back and there is no easier way to find out what the customers are thinking than to work the bar and talk to them.


Keep The Pub Spotless


No matter what kind of business is being run, if it is not clean it is not safe or manageable. Nobody wants to trip over that box that should have been thrown out a week ago. A clean pub is safe for employees and customers.


Know When It Is Time For Someone To Go Home


Knowing when to cut someone off helps keep everyone in the pub safe. Drunk individuals often become hostile and could physically harm staff and other customers. Cutting someone off also helps ensure the likelihood of them getting home safely.


Keep All Equipment Up To Date


It is hard to keep a pub safe and manageable if the equipment that staff is using is out of date. Up to date equipment helps staff perform effortlessly and ensures all drinks or food that leave the equipment are safe for consumption by customers.


A safe and manageable pub is one that patrons will spend money at and visit often. Whether is is having a properly trained staff, or knowing when it is time to cut someone off, with a few easy tips, it is easy to keep your pub safe and manageable.