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Today, marketing it is geared toward business, more particularly the marketplace, and how to sell or advertise a product or service. Of course, these are just activities of marketing, but they are the main concern of anyone trying to earn a living. An Internet marketer is someone who works completely online, attempting to reach a target audience that will want to buy a certain product or service being promoted.

While a good number of people worldwide have tried their hand at Internet marketing, not everyone has been successful because it is not as straightforward, or easy, as some would like to think. Although it may be complicated, it is not impossible to earn a good living online, so long as you understand what is involved, from start to finish.

The Plan

It all begins with a plan, much like the business plan of a traditional business. Without a plan, well, you plan to fail. Everything should be accounted for in the plan, from the initial investment to the supplies. A team of experts should be involved in the development of the business. Unfortunately, most will fail because they don’t want to invest more than they have to, and skimping will only increase the chances of failure.

There are numerous products that have been developed by gurus to cater to the needs of the Internet marketer, and many do take advantage of them, like products that enable a newbie to build his/her own website, but there will likely be too many important factors and criteria missing to make your website stand out above the rest. We will cover the different tasks and responsibilities of the team that will help build a successful online marketing business, below.


It all begins with finding a niche that is popular and has a good following. The idea of a hungry crowd should never be taken lightly because this is the only way an online entrepreneur will stand a chance of making a lucrative income. Therefore, there should be plenty of time devoted to the research, which should focus on how many monthly searches are conducted locally and globally, how much people will pay for the product, how great is the commission, and so on.

Web Designer

The web designer is the first person or company that should be hired to develop a site correctly. This includes the overall look of the site, which is crucial, but it doesn’t stop just at the graphics. A web designerÕs task goes on to include interface design, user-friendliness, and search engine optimization or SEO.

SEO Specialist

SEO specialists provide both on and off-site search engine optimization solutions. They will recommend certain keywords to ensure the website is more accessible on different search engines. Much of this work is not visible, but it plays a huge role in how the website fares in rankings.

Content Writer

The content writer is another important team member who must write accordingly for humans and for search engines. Too much of one and not the other will have a negative impact on how the website performs. The best thing to do is to hire a professional writer who will apply search engine optimization techniques based on the keywords or key phrases you provide.

Web Analyzer

Another crucial player on the team of successful marketing is the web analyzer. Web analytics measures and analyses all the data and traffic to improve optimization and effectiveness of the site. For instance, it demonstrates any changes that occur following a new advertising campaign, by calculating the amount of traffic and page views. On-site analytics involve the behavior of visitors when on the site, and off-site analytics measure the site’s potential to draw traffic.

For a website to be successful, it must have a team of professionals handling all the necessary tasks, ensuring none are neglected. Virtually anyone can, with all the software and tools available today, build a website that will not be successful because it will be lacking vital data and techniques.

Author Bio: Joshua Turner produces informative articles in the area of business. This article was written to explain the importance of organizing a knowledgeable marketing team and to promote further managerial study through the Brandeis Project Management Program.