Posted on July 5, 2013 · Posted in General

Creating a customer base for a new business, especially a small time law firm, can prove to be difficult. After all, how are you supposed to get customers or clients to know about you and your abilities? And if you do get your name out to the masses, then how do you direct the crowd towards you and away from prior choices?

Social Media is Key

Yes, advertising in the phonebook, newspaper, and different flyers still takes place. However, there is a more effective and obvious way to get your name, brand, or business out to the public, as well as to more people: the Internet.

If you’re a small time law firm looking for clients, then having a professional website is vital. After all, you have a higher chance connecting with a larger amount of people via the computer than any other method. Therefore, you need to be able to show and prove to potential clients what you can do for them and how you can do it. You’ll need to list what kind of cases you take on, as well as your experience and price information.

You may decide to create a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts. All of these social media tools are trendy and effective, but you can’t overlook the idea of the professional website. Not only will you need a website, but you’ll need one that is unique and stands out from others. It’s important to draw clients to you and your firm; showing a little bit of creative flare can help you do this.

Other Marketing Tools

If you’re still searching for other legal marketing solutions, don’t worry. There are plenty of other methods to advertising your company. For instances, you could consider using PPC, or Pay Per Click, Internet advertising to get your name out to the public. This method encompasses directing traffic to you website through other publisher or website owners.

You could create a logo or web design that best describes your law firm. As most of the population currently uses a smart phone, you have a higher chance of being seen and heard by making your logo or web design mobile-friendly.

As mentioned, there are, of course, more traditional methods to advertising. You could place an ad for your law firm on a billboard. You could create flyers, film a local commercial (this could also be placed on the Internet), or take out an ad in a newspaper or local magazine.

When it comes to marketing, the most important goal is to get your name, product, or service released to a large mass of people. If you’re a small law firm trying to get new clients, this task is vital. Once you have clients, word of mouth may be your best form of advertising, but you’ve got to get an initial group of clients, first. Considering what you want to accomplish and what age and demographic groups you’re going after will assist you in choosing the most appropriate means to marketing your firm.