Posted on January 29, 2013 · Posted in General

Whether we acknowledge it or not, the fact remains that our work and personal life and intertwined in an inseparable mesh. Happenings at the workplace tend to affect one’s personal affairs, and vice versa. Anything related to work is bound to follow us all the way home, and affect how we behave when we are not working.

If you are satisfied with your occupation and enjoy it, then you are very likely to have a happier (and even healthier) life. Getting timely praise for your hard work can make your productivity levels soar; this will eventually result in contentment that will shine through into your individual lifestyle.

Studies have shown that an imbalance in work and personal life can cause stress levels to rise. In the first place, the imbalance comes to pass due to low efficiency at the workplace, which might in turn require you to spend more hours working. Employees can lose their productivity if they are not guided properly, or not commended for their role in the organization.

Believe it or not, career choices also play an integral role in determining one’s personal happiness. If you love what you do, then the time spent working is a piece of cake. However, if there is something in your career choice that you regret, there could be some trouble awaiting you. If you dislike a job, there is little chance that you will thrive in it for long whilst staying happy. Undoubtedly, your comfort level with your job affects both the personal and work life.

Doing great at work can boost a lot of positive vibes in you. Contentment from the workplace will follow you till home in the guise of good mood, feeling of well-being, and even financial stability. Being praised at the workplace with a bonus or recognition program can boost the morale by leaps and bounds. This confidence and elated frame of mind will not only allow you to enjoy life more; it will also keep others around you happy.

Remember, being married to your work won’t help you. A certain balance is required between work and family life. If either is given more than due importance, the other is bound to suffer. Create harmony between the two for a happier, healthier life.

Stress and tension from work can cause health related troubles like fatigue, blood pressure, migraines, and even other serious conditions. This constant worry and tension often translates into a more constrained family life, suffering social life, and low levels of personal tolerance. Financial instability and constriction can also be an outcome of a suffering career, and it can be equally damaging to your professional and personal life.

We all work to enjoy the fruits of our labor at the end of the day. If the job isn’t allowing you some leisure time, then you are doing it wrong! Find ways of being more productive at the workplace, and making your job an enjoyable everyday endeavor rather than something that stresses you out.