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Many people say that the real profit is in the list. When you do an online business, it is paramount that you have a mailing list in place. Why? That’s because your mailing list can become your potential goldmine, given the right method of promotion. People who are subscribing to your mailing list are those who are interested with your product, content, service, or whatever you offer to them. So, when you build a mailing list and promote your product or service to your list, you’ll have higher chance to get their attention. That’s why the conversion rate is always higher when you promote product to your mailing list as compared to promoting it in your website. If you’re going to have maximum result in your email marketing campaign, here are 5 tips to make your email more profitable:

1. Don’t make it too long

People hate to read long email, especially if it is an email from someone they don’t know. If you make your email too long, it might bore your subscribers. Moreover, they may open your email, but they might not read it until the end. That’s why you have to make your email as short as possible. Write email in no more than 300 words. You want to give straightforward information to your audience without losing their attention.

2. Don’t send it too often

People are sick of spam emails and they don’t want more of them. If you send your subscribers too many emails in a week, then they will eventually become sick of you. At least, they’ll become annoyed at your messages and they may hit the unsubscribe link angrily. So, avoid sending your subscribers many emails in a short period of time. Remember that your goal is long-term relationship with them. So, you don’t want them to cut the relationship short.

3. Have a good variety in what you send

Don’t send monotonous email messages. For instance, many people are sending only promotional emails to their subscribers. Other people only send content and articles to their subscribers without any variety. You have to make your mailing list as engaging and as interesting as possible. Sending monotonous emails will make your mailing list less interesting for your subscribers. How can they buy from you if they don’t even pay attention to what you’re saying?

4. Talk, don’t preach

Many people make the mistake in their email marketing campaign. They are preaching to their subscribers instead of talking. Let me tell you the difference. Preaching is a one-way communication, while talking is a two-way communication. This is not a good thing to do. You have to include your subscribers in your conversation. You have to talk to them, like you personally talk to your friend. Your subscribers are in fact your friends. You want to help them. So, act as a friend and talk to them about various things in a friendly manner, including about your product recommendations.

5. Be an expert, not a marketer

You have to remember that you need to establish yourself as an expert in your mailing list, not as a marketer. There is a big difference between the two. The expert will focus on the value that he will bring to his audience, while the marketer only cares about how to sell his product to his audience. You need to be an expert in your mailing list so that your subscribers can trust you more. When they trust you, they’ll follow your recommendations, which mean that they’ll buy whatever products that you promote to them in your mailing list.

Those are 5 tips to make your email more profitable. Follow the tips above and you’ll get more result from your email marketing campaign.

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