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The latest news coming from Palo Alto concerns us: Facebook Studio , in fact, is a community for advertising agencies , the creative and web marketer who created promotional campaigns on the world’s most popular social.

After the attempted rapprochement with the reporters and journalists with the creation of Journalists fanpage on Facebook as an instrument of work to find the most interesting topics, this new design meets the demands of those who work most prevalent in the advertising industry.

We all know Facebook Ads and many people are complaining about its limitations (at the bottom it comes to display ads without audio or video), also previously spaces to make promotion of this platform is not allowed to communicate their ideas and identity to 360 degrees .

Facebook Studio was founded with the intention to bring together the best work of advertising agencies and give the opportunity to those who work in marketing to have a showcase of excellence .

How It Works Studio Facebook

It ‘just log on with your personal profile or your fan page, press the button Submit you work and after that enter a brief description of the campaign developed, uploading a video showreel or simple pictures that illustrate the workdone, the people involved in the project, and the advantages that have made ​​winning the campaign .

Accepted works must obviously relate to the creation of fanpage, but also the use of various tools of facebook, type Deal , Places , Ads etc.. The main thing is that they have been helpful and are innovative in terms of design, on the site are the technical specifications for the format of the video and image sizes.

After a quick review stage by the staff, the work will be published in the community and may receive the like from other members. To get more visibility in the gallery that contains the work carried out, it is definitely better to publish a showreel , since the videos are placed in large prominence.

Of course you can put multiple different campaigns, which will be included in one profile associated with the agency that has created and cataloged in the ‘ Agency Directory .

Anyone wishing to submit their projects to know that for now the site is only in English, so both the card and the video must be in that language (or in the case of the video should have subtitles).

The underlying mechanism, therefore, is always that of sharing more like our work receives, the more chances there will be visible in the Spotlight on the homepage , the collection of the most successful campaigns.

To stimulate the signing of the countryside, there is also a Facebook Awards that is giving away the prizes awarded by a jury for those entering in the Spotlight, however there are still a few details about it and it is not known what criteria will be considered.

From the message in the conversation: the beginning of a new era

As stated on the website of Facebook Studio, the way of marketing has changed from disseminating a message to participate in a conversation and this requires a paradigm shift, an innovation concrete and tangible.

At the launch of the project there was a meeting between a select group of British advertising market leaders and executives from Facebook in Palo Alto.

E ‘was emphasized the power of ” word of mouth “and the importance of being transparent and” real “on Facebook. It may seem obvious, yet traditional in advertising in the last 50 years, the communication between brand and consumer has always been contrived and forced.

Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, director of engineering for Facebook said during the meeting that, in his opinion, will not be enough to make a convincing campaign if the product you’re advertising is poor. Vice versa for the agencies that promote quality products is a great opportunity, because the users will talk spontaneously with friends and become promoters themselves via the like button and sharing.

The suggestion of Bosworth businesses and marketers is to not expect to have everything under control, but let users carry forward the conversation.

Experimenting with new solutions

Facebook Studio so he wants to be both a showcase and a place for discussion, where marketing professionals can meet and experience.

In this regard, there is also a section LAB , which are presented all the resources available to facebook marketers , plus a ‘ news area rich for updates on this topic.

As so often with this social network results may not be immediate, but it is certain that it is important to be there, to make their own original contribution and draw inspiration from what has already been done.

We at Secret Key for two years by offering services Social Media Marketing and having several active campaigns on facebook we have already recorded and we loaded our work, who knows if we’ll get a nomination for the awards … 🙂

Author Bio: Ankur is the Digital Media strategist of SEO India Agency. He is also an active blogger and loves to share his experience and knowledge of the SEO India, Internet Marketing and reputation management.