Posted on July 18, 2013 · Posted in General

Although your business may be relatively small in comparison to corporations and limited companies, there is no reason why you cannot be active in a marketing strategy and attempt to ensure that your business is as visible as possible. Not only will this encourage new and repeat custom but will maintain the success of your company and help it to either stabilise as a small business or help the company to grow gradually.

There are different ways you can make sure your company is visible; there are 5 specific areas to consider and implement to secure the future of your business.

Online Presence

The Internet is the biggest marketing tool and is now the best way to ensure the visibility of your business and to ensure the purpose and the message is wide spread amongst the target audience. The most important thing to do is to have a website that is useable, contains all the necessary information and is a reflection of your company. This can be created by expert web and graphics designers such as Dhub. From this you can easily branch out into social media by having accounts on the best forms of social interaction such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

Other online methods:

  • Posting content onto blogs and forums
  • Personal profiles (that are business related)
  • Grasping constant opportunities to highlight your business


Unique Selling Point

Typically, niche markets will be full of businesses similar to that of your company. In order to be a competitive player in the market you need to ensure that your business has something to offer that other like-minded companies does not. It can be something very small, such as a dedicated service manager for customers or a regular discounting system that no other company has on offer.


Advertising your company is one of the best ways to make it known to customers and the target audience. Although it can be expensive and the advertising options are a difficult choice, it is certainly worthwhile. The two forms of advertising will be relevant to your company regardless of the niche. Online advertising consists of Internet and television advertising amongst other forms where as offline is more focused as print based media such as newspapers.

Customer Service

Customers are the centre of any business and keeping them content and happy will ensure that they not only return to your business for future purchases, help, etc but that they are able to tell associates and friends that your business is professional, helpful and care about its customers. Word of mouth is one of the best and cheapest ways of growing your company and its reputation.


Making sure your business is consistent is crucial to its success. Your message needs to be clear and remain the same from beginning to end to prevent confusion with the customer. Your services need to be clear, concise and most importantly productive to ensure demand is met and the principle of your company is maintained. Make sure you are available to your clients. They need to be tended to and nurtured to ensure return custom and the idea of word of mouth. The public need to be aware of changes and updates within the company so they feel a part of the business and feel that they can turn to you in their time of need.