Posted on March 1, 2013 · Posted in General

In a marketplace bursting at the seams businesses are jostling for the customers’ attention, loyalty and cash. With inventive new marketing strategies and social media forums popping up all over the place it’s easy to become a little weary with the effort of trying to keep up with it all. If you have a small business and your marketing is all done in-house, it can become another job on the to-do list rather than taking the priory and attention it needs.

Write a blog. A blog is very simple to set up and maintain. Once set up you can even ask a creative employee to post onto it, either with text, images or videos. Use your blog to set up competitions, offer valuable advice, or showcase your product. The key to blogging is to keep ensure your blog is updated regularly. If your last post is a fortnight old or more, it gives the impression of being abandoned which, in turn, makes your company appear lacking in energy and drive. If appropriate for your business, blogging in a personal voice is a fantastic way to build a relationship with your customers and other companies in your industry. Visit other blogs that are relevant to your business and leave insightful comments on their posts, you may gain the interest of their followers who could then track you back to your blog.

It’s all about charity. How better to get your company noticed in a positive light than to partake in some voluntary work for a charity? Ask yourself what your business can do to be of service in your community. Offer a product or a service for a raffle at a corporate event. Local media often cover charity events so hundreds will hear about your good turn!

First impressions count. Hand out flash drives, DVDs or CDs with short dynamic presentations, videos or witty images promoting your business. If you want to opt to make a DVD to draw in new business, but don’t have a clue where to start, there are many companies out there who will help you with your DVD replication make sure you get a really polished, professional look to your promotional products.

Make a youtube video. Video is easy to produce now, you can even do it from your phone and nobody expects it to look like you’re waiting on the Oscar nomination panel to call. Put up a couple helpful videos answering common questions about your product or brand, explain or give a demonstration on how to use your product. Keep it witty and short and it will be noticed and shared.

Giveaways. An oldie but a goodie. Everyone loves to get something for free. Do you have old merchandise you can give away without too much financial angst? Use social media site to encourage customers to get your ‘likes’ to 100, 1000, etc and do a giveaway when you’ve reached that figure. Hold a competition for the best photo sent in using your brand/product or guerrilla style marketing idea.

Get personal. Customers don’t want to buy big anonymous brands. By introducing your staff with photos and blurbs about them, posting photos from the inside of your workplace and publically celebrating your staff’s achievements, you can make your customers feel as though they have a more personal relationship with your company, which in turn generates loyalty.