Posted on May 23, 2013 · Posted in Social Media

There are web directories all over the internet that play an important role in promoting your website. If you are the owner of any new website and you are planning to get a high page ranking for your website then you should look for web directories for help. It’s the best way to get your website on the top search results on any search engine.

There are a variety of web directories on the internet that deals with websites of all kind. So whether your website is operating for politics, sports, social networking or any other source, you will get a particular web directory that would help your website to reach the peak point.

Register your website on these directories

One such web directory is the Health Directory. It deals with a website that is related to health issues and practices. If you own a website that deals with health care, animal health, medication, child care, dentistry, personal training, yoga and many other health related concepts but it still is unreachable to the audience then you should surely look for a directory that could promote your website. The best thing about these web directories is that you don’t need to put any effort after registering your website to these directories.

These web directories are often free but some of the top directories charge some bucks for registration which could be easily paid. The price ranges from $40 to $350 for registration. Don’t think too much for the price because these sites will help you reach high page ranks and your website will get listed among top search results in the top search engines known today. So you can earn a lot in this business if you spend quite a few bucks in the beginning.

Use your blog to promote your website

There are various ways you can promote your website. One easy way is blogging. There are many social networking users who keep searching for health related websites. If your blog is popular among your friends you could use it as a tool for promoting your website. Keep adding photos and information related to health care on your blog and request to your visitors to leave likes and comments. Do not forget to add your websites link with every page that you use to promote it on the blog. Adding the website to your blog would redirect the visitor to your website which would easily help in gaining page rankings. Health blog is an important source for website promotion.