Posted on July 24, 2013 · Posted in General

There are many things to be learned from reading a book. Details about the subject are far more easily assimilated from a written page than from a video or picture. You can go back and check details and make notes for future reference.

Many business people simply do not have enough time to read through the very high number of books that are published on myriad subjects, all pertinent and of interest to business people. A book summary is a great method of keeping up with the flow of information without using up all you time just doing research. When you can spend 10 minutes instead of hours and receive all the information you need, you are using your time wisely.

A book summary will also get right to the point of the kind of information you need. The basic and important elements of the book are included, so that if you have the time and the inclination, you can go to the actual book for more detailed descriptions.

New ideas and innovations can be unearthed in a book summary. You may discover something that you did not know or never thought of before, and you can integrate it into your business plan. Going to the original to flesh out your ideas can be very helpful.

A book summary can be made available to your employees, so that they can keep abreast of latest developments, ideas, and innovations pertaining to the work that they do. They will help them to keep focused on the goals of the business, as well as strive to excel and rise to better positions within your business.

David Burstein’s Fast Future is a treatise on the effect of the millennial generation on business today, and how their idealism can contribute to the growth of society. 

Get Your Shift Together, by Steve Rizzo, a former stand-up comedian, helps to build a positive attitude by bringing a little lightness into your life. It is a good read for anyone who is just taking things too seriously, and needs to lighten up a bit.

These are only two examples of books that can be read as a book summary, and gain the valuable insights that these authors have put forward in their books. There literally thousands of books that have been carefully summarized and made available for the edification of all. There is no upward limit to how much information gained can help you to develop your business, grow employees, maintain your objectives, – the list of helpful improvements only ends with the number of new ideas you can assimilate into your business.