Posted on June 20, 2013 · Posted in Social Media

To have more and more of pinterest followers under you, you should be invited by top pinners to their board as a contributor. A contributor is simple and important feature in pinterest where one can invite other people whom he is following to the board. Here you can add only those people whom you are following. This way one can have access to followers of the board and then you can pin as many images as you like and make it viral. You could get selected by multiple contributor board and have their followers. The boards receive more than one thousand followers daily and thus you can have a large number of interest followers in a matter of days without the need to even buy pinterest followers. Once you enter a contributor board, the numbers get more fascinating.


Let us look at these simple steps to gain pinterest followers.

  1. First make your individual profile with a lot of pins. This makes sure that you are kind of pinterest lover and not a spam. Try to have more than 1000 pins. This should be easy. Just go on to find the top pinners and make boards that are similar to theirs. Then you must start repining their pins.

  2. After this one should start to follow other people. Again look out for top pinners and find their followers. Try to follow people that have more than 300 to 350 pins. This is a work of patience. You must at least follow 1000 such people.

  3. Then start making people contributors to your board. Invite at least 1000 of them.

  4. Next make these people contributors to your board. For this, one should simply go to the settings tab on any pinterest board and add people alphabetically. Add all people under each alphabet and then move on to the next alphabet.

  5. Once you have added around 1000 people to your multiple board (around 6), you have finished your mission! Now these people would start repining, share and like. This would be like a bunch of people who are willing to work for you without any cost. Actually you have just shared your authority by making other people contributors to the board. So in most cases they will make you as a contributor to their board.Start sharing your amazon or ebay affiliated links to the contributor boards. Keep in mind that you should post in right category board and never spam.

With this, you will start getting attention and gradually you would have gained large number of pinterest followers.