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Web traffic can be a very unpredictable thing, with visitors only sticking around for a few seconds before they decide to stay or go. Because visitors can be very picky about the sites they call home and Google remains just a “back button” away, webmasters must be sure to deliver the most important content visitors are looking for as soon as possible. To do so, there are a number of things that webmasters can do to vamp up their website and keep visitors coming back for more.

Keep Load Time Down and Keep Conversions Up

Web visitors can be very impatient and will often leave your website if they don’t find what they want within a few seconds. If your website takes a long time to load, don’t be surprised if visitors aren’t even waiting around to actually see your content. In fact, a Google study showed that switching from a 10-result page that loaded in 0.4 seconds to a 30-result page that loaded in 0.9 seconds decreased traffic and ad revenue by a whopping 20%. Fortunately, there are plenty of things that you can do to keep your load-time down, such as compressing images or using fewer images altogether, displaying cached versions of your website to visitors, and using external scripts instead of including code directly in your web pages.

Make All Content Shareable

To make your website more interactive, you should make sure that visitors can quickly share content they find on your website with their friends. With social networking features that allow web users to instantly share things, your visitors are used to having all of their favorites sites connected so your website needs to keep up with the times. Thankfully, WordPress offers dozens of plugins that allow you to integrate your web content with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and hundreds of other social networks.

Let Your Visitors Know What Other People Think

What many webmasters fail to realize is that their visitors are just people, who are all susceptible to the opinions of others. Despite their own personal reservations, many people will jump onboard a new idea or concept as soon as they see that the majority of other people feel a certain way. To take advantage of this vulnerability to the “bandwagon effect”, webmasters should make sure that they include plenty of testimonials on their website from other customers or visitors and include any references to popular magazines or other websites that mention the site.

Always Remind Your Visitors of Your Best Products and Services

No matter how fancy your website is designed or how many cool features it has, the real reason behind your website is to promote your products, services, or personal agenda. No matter where your visitors are on your website, from your homepage to your Contact Page, your visitors should always see references to the most important, most popular, or most expensive products and services you have to offer. Whether you choose to list this information on the side of your page, beneath your content, or even in the form of a popup, your visitors should always be reminded of why they’re on your site in the first place: to buy your products.

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