Posted on November 21, 2012 ยท Posted in Search Engines

Making a website is quite a serious thing to do for any businessman. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways of doing the marketing of your business. However, the number of websites are increasing day by day and only making a website now cannot enhance your business if you cannot make it attractive and informative.


Step 1:

Google really looks at the qualitative perspective of a website. With the help of SEO you can make your website more visible. It will be good looking but at the same time it will be more popular. The search engine must be good to make your website preferable to your customer.

Step 2:

After the selection of a perfect platform of building website, it becomes extremely necessary to choose some other necessary things of a website like search engines etc. Well, there is no such rigid case that your platform has to be very much user friendly with SEO. Actually, you have to find out a platform which will be suitable for you and at the same time you should look after the fact that it is SEO friendly.

Step 3:

After the selection of a perfect platform which will be friendly with SEO, keyword research becomes one of the most essential things. There are various tools which can help you for keyword research. Google AdWords is one of the best options. There are a lot of other options also which one can surely choose. Some of them are free and for others you have to pay. SEO keyword research thus becomes quite an important thing to remember while making your website.

Step 4:

Searching Campaigns which are paid can be another good option for searching keywords. You can find out the history of those key words like how they have performed. You can also come to know about the conversion rate, time spent on the website, how many times the page has visited etc.


After selecting a keyword you should keep in mind that your website has ample information stored about that keyword so that the keyword search will get the value. To compare about the amount of information you and your competitor has, you can and search it in Google.

The graphic designing is another extremely necessary thing to do so that the website looks good. The attractiveness of the website is quite necessary to attract the eyes of the customer. Search Engine must be good so that the website remains friendly to the users.

If your website has full of content it will be good for SEO. However, even after that the design of your website becomes quite important as it will give the outer look to the website. The design should be attractive to your customer but at the same time it needs to be SEO friendly even if you redesign or re-launch your website, you should try to keep your URL in the same structure.