Posted on February 28, 2013 ยท Posted in General

A boss can either make or break your career at a company, and the truth is that a bad boss can make your life miserable or a pleasure. Here are 5 ways that a bad boss can ruin your time at a company, and even ruin the company itself:

  1. Being Short-Sighted — People that are short sighted focus too much on the present, and they fail to look at the big picture. You’ll find that a short sighted boss will put all of the focus on earning profits now, but they’ll leave the customer dissatisfied and displeased with your service or product. A short sighted boss can cause the company to fail within a few years, as they’ll be so focused on today’s profits that they neglect the investments for tomorrow’s success.
  2. Micro-Managing — Everyone hates a boss that has to be involved in every little project and decision, and a micro-managing boss can contribute to the failure of a company. If every decision has to be authorized by the boss, no one will be able to think creatively and come up with their own solutions to problems that they may have. If the boss has the final say in all important decisions, they may make mistakes that can ruin the company.
  3. Being Close-Minded — Most bosses have a way of doing things that they think will be the most productive method of operating, but good bosses will be willing to change when they see that things aren’t working. If your bad boss is too close-minded, you’ll find that things will just get worse and worse. Bad bosses will try to do the same thing over and over, expecting better results. The truth is that a close-minded boss can run a company into the ground in a few short years, as they’re never willing to change and adapt.
  4. Arrogance — An arrogant boss is one that clients will have a very hard time dealing with, as the boss will believe that he is the only one that can provide the service that the clients need. The truth is that a humble provider is always preferable to one that throws his weight around and is arrogant, and your boss can ruin client relationships by being arrogant. His arrogance will lead him to believe that his way of doing things is best, which can cause the downfall of the company.
  5. Being Closed Off — A good workplace environment can only exist if the employees know that the boss is willing to listen to what they have to say. If your boss is distant and closed off to your suggestions, he will not take into account the opinions of the people around him.