Posted on January 9, 2014 · Posted in General

Business no longer occupies an age in which existing is enough to survive. Truly standing out in unique ways is the modern recipe for success. How to make that happen can seem convoluted depending on what you do, especially if you’re running a business like a law firm. Nevertheless, following some go-to principles can get your name out there and generate more exposure for your firm, no matter what it does. Here are the top four ways to get more exposure for your firm.

Get Digital

Yes, a website is good, but it lacks a personal touch. Get on social media. Start blogging. These two online platforms offer the chance to get your distinct voice and personality out to the world. When people use your law firm or financial firm, they are trusting that you and the members of your firm will treat them fairly on a personal level. Plus, social media is free, so you can frequently use it to create connections with your potential customers and others in your area.

Demonstrate Your Vibrancy

You don’t need to do a song and dance, but focus on ways your firm can be publicly active. Whether it’s as tremendous as taking the time to perform pro bono work or simply being an active member of your community, find ways to show the world you exist. Even an action like issuing press releases can communicate not only your presence but establish your firm as an expert authority.

Get Creative

Showing clients that your firm can be fun not only humanizes your firm, but communicates something truly unforgettable. Hold a contest and offer prizes. Another time-tested marketing tactic is to offer promotional products such as branded t-shirts, logo pens and custom mugs. Even better, get as creative as you can: A financial planning firm could order custom piggy banks with your firm’s logo and contact details imprinted on them. In addition to looking very professional, promotional products like these cause the name and company they represent to “stick” in the mind of the consumer. Invest is something physical that your clients can take home with them, which will put your name out there in ways that more traditional advertising can’t.

Brand Your Firm

Even if your firm already has a distinct logo or other branding, never neglect it. Keep the image of your brand in the public eye and keep it tied to everything relevant that you can. It may mean advertising on a billboard or by hanging flyers. It may mean sponsoring a youth sports team and paying for jerseys embroidered with your logo. Some law firms in Cleveland Ohio use promotional items to create greater brand recognition within the community for both their name as well as their logo. Effectively communicating your brand in public has the potential to attract clients simply through advertising as well as to show them who you are, what you are all about and what you value.

Finding ways to differentiate your firm is critical. Getting your firm more exposure is easy. Following these tips is an effective way to get started on gaining that exposure. In the beginning, it may be tough to get the recognition you want, but as previously mentioned, all you need to do is reach out to the public and let them know you are there. Once people know you exist, it will be easier to narrow down your target market and find the people who really need and want your services and expand your client base.