Posted on April 23, 2013 · Posted in Social Media

Believe it or not, the logo you choose to represent the brand of your business can be the difference that keeps your company from succeeding. When developing a marketing plan, it is important that you not only create a unique and memorable logo design, but also include it in the marketing mix.

You want consumers to think about your business when they think of the logo. That is why it is imperative to have it as a part of your marketing plan from the very beginning. You logo represents the brand of your company. The brand of your company is what people think of when they see your logo or hear your company’s name. The more they see your logo associated with your company’s name, the more likely they are to think of your business when they see the logo, or even something similar to it.


As mentioned above, the brand of your company is what consumers think of when they see anything related to your company. This includes the product, your prices, promotions and how you distribute these items. All of these things are remembered when a consumer sees your company’s logo. Carefully select a unique design, which includes a unique font and colors. This way when someone sees your specific color combination they will automatically think of your company. This happens even if the colors at the time they saw it were not associated with your company.

Social Media Networking

Many companies already have a social media networking  plan in place. Jointhe online revolution and get your company name out there. Some companies have used social media networking sites to help them boost their company’s online presence. This is done through interacting with fans and followers through discussions, surveys, news, articles and at times, jokes and pranks. Social media networking sites include Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Do not forget to include your company’s logo when setting up your online social networking account.


Your marketing mix plan must include an advertising budget. This is key to promoting your company’s brand and converting those “just looking” consumers into buying customers. Your advertising plan can include everything from billboard marketing to print media ads to radio and television commercials. Do not forget to include your logo with every form of advertising you select to use. This will keep your company visible and increase your brand recognition.

Marketing Materials

Now that you have some brand recognition out there, it is time to keep the word spreading. Have some marketing materials printed up with your company’s logo and color scheme. Marketing materials include pens/pencils, T-shirts, post-it notes, water bottles, notepads and hats. Hand these items out for free with orders or give them away as promotional items at events.

Take the time to sit down and review your marketing plan and ensure there is a good mix of advertising, networking and marketing strategies included in it. Develop a logo that will complement each and every one of your marketing strategies. The logo must be recognizable, unique and memorable in order for it to be effective. Develop a logo that represents what your company is all about and everything else will naturally fall into place.