Posted on January 22, 2013 · Posted in General

Are you looking for a career that lets you use your creativity to the maximum? Do you want a job that helps you grow your creative acumen? If your answer’s yes, then you should check out the following careers in the field of creativity…

#1: Multimedia Animator 
Multimedia animators mostly find work in motion picture and other video industries besides other spaces such as advertising. Their job is to draw by hand and then use computers to produce a series of well crafted pictures that ultimately give shape to animated images/special effects that are seen in computer games and movies.

In order to develop your creative skills as a multimedia artist, you can go for either bachelor’s degree or other “postsecondary” training program in art/design.

Median Pay: $78,000
Projected Growth: 14 percent

#2: Photographer 
The job of a photographer is not secret to anyone. A photographer uses his/her creativity to capture images in order to record an event or tell a story. Right from photographing people to events to places, they try to capture it all with their lens in a creative, unique manner. There are photographers who specialize in certain areas such as travel, science, etc.

While entry level photographers who are interested in photojournalism, commercial or scientific photography do require photography degrees, freelance photographers only require technical knowhow to get started.

Median Pay: $29,000
Projected Growth: 12 percent

#3: Fashion Designer 
Fashion designers are in demand because they help create all those hundreds of millions of dresses, shoes, accessories, etc that are purchased each and every year by consumers. Fashion designers don’t just design for the heck of it – they actually put in the effort to study fashion trends and get creative with sketching designs, choosing the colors/fabrics, and finally getting their design to the production stage.

If you seek to get into fashion designing, know that employers usually look for candidates that have two or four year degree and have extensive knowledge about fabrics, textiles and other fashion trends. Most aspiring fashion designers get a hold of these necessary skills by doing an internship with design/manufacturing companies. Some upcoming fashion designers also try to gain good experience by working as custom tailors and personal stylists.

Median Pay: $60,000
Projected Growth: 5 percent

Getting a creative job that lets you do interesting things with your imagination is not only fulfilling, but is also a great way to earn money by doing what you love. So if you’ve got that creative itch in you, see if the above careers work out for you.