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Posted on December 14, 2012 · Posted in Search Engines

Google has provided a chance to reconsider the requests of several websites and allow them to be rediscovered in the SERPs. With the recent uproar regarding the algorithmic updates of the search engine of Google, several websites had been shown the door by the search engine. This has created a major ruckus in the whole web world.

matt cutts

However, the company is deciding to reconsider the requests of several websites that have lost their position in the search engine in spite of not having any fault of their own. The recent video released by the company features Matt Cutts with certain valuable tips that will definitely provide invaluable tips regarding the process in order to forward a proper request to reconsider the inclusion of the pages and the sites neglected by the search engine, Google.

Matt Cutts’ tips regarding eradication of the problem

According to the tips provided by Matt Cutt, Google is on its way to eliminate bogus and copy-pasted articles from the search process. It is willing to adopt a path to provide genuine subject matter to the users of the internet. Keeping this in mind, the request for reconsideration of the websites needs to adhere to certain rules laid down by the search engine giant –

  • Tricks followed by the SEO experts and the content makers will not be entertained in accepting the requests
  • Flagged practices of paid links need to be eradicated

It is crucial to meet the quality as expected by the search engine of Google rather than practicing unnecessary means in order to appear as a winner in the search process. Recently, Google has started to pay minute attention to the details of the contents of the matters that are sent to be published in the websites.

The search engine is clearly focusing to lay stress on the content and subject of the matter being sent to be published, rather than maintaining the rules laid down by the SEO organizations.

Explaining the matter further, Cutts said that many websites have borne the brunt not because of their own fault, but due to certain unfavorable advice of the SEO experts. Several websites have been spurned by the search engine of Google in the recent times, as they were misguided by the unfavorable practices by the SEO companies for getting their job done.

The SEO companies laid stress upon the SEO guidelines, rather than the content matter of the websites. On getting intimidated about the changes made by the search engine upgradation by Google, the sites included the detailed explanation of such practices in their reconsideration request.

Marketers turning towards considering the algorithm of Google

Experts are considering to take the help of a third-party agency for cleaning the websites up. According to recent reports, Panda 22, one of Google’s algorithmic update is on its way to prevent unnecessary websites to make their way into the search engine of Google. The algorithm makes sure that the content of the website is optimized and up to the mark, that will not let down the ranking of the website, in terms of the contents and subject matter present in the website.