Posted on August 23, 2013 · Posted in Social Media

There is no other way to encourage consumers to use your business then to promote yourself and the services that are on offer. Customer’s needs to know that you are there and that you can offer something which no other company is able to. There needs to be a reason why they use you over others and build a sense of loyalty and be able to identify a brand and the needs that it will fulfil.

Businesses need to have a specific marketing strategy to create a platform to showcase themselves to the target audience. Self promotion will allow the audience to become aware of a brand without having to actually do anything or take a great deal of interest, they will become aware without even really realising that they are able to now identify the brand.

Branded Promotional Gifts

Producing a range of functional items that are branded with a logo, company name or something that is representative of a business will allow the audience to identify with the brand whilst using an every day item. The brand will be visible and will serve as a regular reminder to them and the people that may see the item. This method is far better than simply distributing business cards for example as they are less likely to be used on a regular basis. Examples of the perfect promotional items can be found at; an overview of your company and the types of items your customer base will use and enjoy is the best way to ensure your audience is targeted.


Holding any form of a competition or a contest will encourage the user to become more aware of your brand and will be able to pinpoint the message you are trying to deliver. Contests are fun, it gives the chance for the user to win something for nothing, and the idea of a free item or the opportunity to win at anything is enough to encourage people to enter. You are able to target a wider audience range and encourage people to lead from the contest to your website so they are aware of the company that is providing them with the free gift. Brand identification is built and maintained with regular promotions.

Social Media

This is one of the most important areas of promotion due to its simplicity and relevance. Most businesses are keen to build an online presence and it all begins with social media accounts to share information, news, updates and ideas with the audience and encourage consumer interaction. It is a more subtle and relaxed way to show the consumer you are there and to promote your company on a much larger scale as a wide audience are able to see who has ‘liked’ your page and ‘followed’ you on twitter, people that may never have come across you before.

Customer Referral

Encouraging people to spread the word about your company is the ideal way to expand the customer base, build a strong reputation and encourage brand loyalty. For those that are referring people, a present is the ideal incentive and will significantly increase sales as original customers are keen to be rewarded with things such as discounts, gifts and vouchers.