School Social
Posted on January 21, 2013 · Posted in Social Media

Digital learning is a primary part of those various phases regarding the process of digital learning. The unique fact about these phrases is that they mean differently to different people in the world with various professions. To a certain part of the people they mean like animated and dynamic lectures in addition to also automate worksheets.

To a certain order amount of people, they usually denote things like to modify tutoring, where, what a student should be taught are completely designed by computer algorithm only. There is also a certain portion of people who think that they can make use of various high tech gadgets used to manufacture their own video, high quality music, etc. they are also used in the publishing of the projects as well.

School SocialIn addition to that, we also have the complete social media. These days many students, professors, teachers make use of the social networking sites like that of Facebook, Twitter. This is done in order to share and communicate data, talk to the parents of students, etc. Blogs and wikis are also used in order to talk about worldly affairs and stuff. There was a talk with a social media advocate who is known by the name of Lisa Nielson, who is the first known person in the world to hold such an occupation designation. She is actually the director in the matters of digital literacy and also the citizenship in the famous New York City Department of Education.

She has actually worked in the city’s educational subdivision since the early 1990s and she is about 44 years old in age. She has also worked in a wide variety of job designations like that of librarian, education coach and also a specialized progress administrator.  Almost all the students have the possession of their own website and recently they are also being taught how making use of the newest features of the web 2.0. This is how the interactive study is going on in the various schools as well.

When asked whether online training is now valid, the correct answer should be: It has always been face to face and new online course is being created at the moment as well. There are also questions like whether a person’s job exists anywhere that is outside or beyond the borders of New York City. The correct answer is the involvement with social media is huge and I’m not really aware of other school districts that are capable or involved in such ideas. I might also be asked why this exists in the city of New York. The answer to this should be that teachers were not sure how to interact with students online and hence this developed gradually.

On April 2012, it was decided how to operate and progress in learning in this particular manner. Being the Doe’s Knowledge as well as the innovation manager in Manhattan, my possibility for feedback on various guidelines has been easily possible. Since students are usually banned any sorts of usage of personal devices like that of laptops, cell phones privately in school, how do teachers become involved? Well, to this the teachers can make good use of the school computers enabled with Internet along with the students.