Old School SEO
Posted on November 24, 2012 · Posted in Search Engines

People who are interested for SEO are known to the term SERP, the full form of which is “Search engine result page.” This term is used first by Brett Tabke. Tabke is also a board member of SEMPO the full form of which is “Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization.”

Recently in an event of internet marketing he has firmly expressed his views about the gradual rise of visual media and its impact on SEO. He has depicted the fact that marketers are utilizing visual, media. He has also made the audience aware of new trends of SEO. He has expressed his viewpoints about the business on the internet. He has depicted all these views on the basis of his experience with his customers.

Internet is growing its impact on the society with time and it is having its impact more and more quite rapidly. The number of mobile phones and other small devices are increasing rapidly in the market also. It is undoubtedly true that the websites now can be created at cheaper rate than before. The sources of new technologies also can be found with the cheapest rate now. Therefore the changes in the field of SEO are quite inevitable.

The rise of Pinterest is no doubt quite a crucial factor in the internet marketing. As per the statistics 79% of its users are female. Most of the people who use Android devices and iPad are using Pinterest.

In the field of businesses which are small or medium in level, local market gives more importance than anything else. Social media is taking an extremely crucial part in this scenario and Pinterest has become very important. Even for the companies who have larger business social media remains quite important for sure.

Old School SEO

According to the Development director of business of Oracle digital Mr. James Corby, Old school SEO will not work in the scenario of modern day. According to him you can not expect the customers to react positively even after using old school SEO. He has admitted the fact that the social media and the visual social media have become quite essential and a multi-layered approach is hence recommended.

Corby also said, “I am completely agreed with Mr. Tabke. We have also seen the fact that old school SEO is not at all working now. You have to admit the rise of visual social media. We are also utilizing Pinterest with success.”

In fact, Oracle Digital has done a wonderful thing. They have successfully combined both social media and SEO and created a system which is immensely effective and by this ROI is produced at the maximum level which is no doubt satisfactory. This is helping the business to grow more in the presence of internet marketing.

It is now proven that SEO is going through some valid changes and according to the SEO Experts old school SEO is becoming utterly useless in a gradual process. The pattern is changing and the new pattern must be adapted.