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Search Engine Optimization is often spoken about in hushed tones and though everyone is doing it, many do not still accept they are doing it. On top of that, SEO is a very respectable and professional career which requires a lot of forethought, hard work, persistence and learning in order to achieve success. In spite of that, SEO has achieved a lot of bad rep lately. For those people who think SEO is a four-lettered word and those who think SEO is passé, here are some of the main reasons why it is still alive and kicking.

  1. SEO is all about making information accessible
  2. SEO ensures a website is in working order
  3. SEO places importance on social media
  4. SEO ensures good web design
  5. SEO encourages high quality content

With all these factors in mind, it is clearly the option that we all must opt for. SEO is one of the integral practices of the whole process of web development. It is as important as building or developing a website and is as important as maintaining one.

SEO makes your information accessible

There is nothing worse than a website that is not visible in search results appropriately. SEO ensures that the right information is displayed when people look for information using keywords. SEO is all about tweaking tags, meta descriptions, and titles so that people get what they are looking for.

When a website is optimized for SEO, it will also function well

SEO requires that a website does not have broken links, slow loading images and videos, terrible coding, JavaScript, Flash, AJAX and other SEO no-nos. When we do all this, we also ensure that a website functions well and that it loads and works fast without causing trouble to visitors.

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SEO encourages social signals

Modern SEO requires that a website owner ensures social conversations. Using Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites has become important now and with good SEO, social conversations happen seamlessly. Social signals build brand and visibility and they also help in SEO. Certainly, one cannot ignore SEO and then encourage social signals. They are mutually inclusive.

Web designers will build better with SEO in place

When SEO is in place, web designers are encouraged to build better websites. They ensure that Flash, AJAX and other programs are minimized. This in return helps in building a great website. A well designed website also loads well, and attracts visitors like no other.

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SEO requires content to be of high quality

One of the requirements of SEO is that content should be of high quality. SEO consulting firms have always recommended using high quality content to attract better readership and subscriptions. When content quality is high, one needs to do very little in order to get back links and such. This is one of the reasons why SEO professionals stress on the importance of high quality content. Hiring a content writer and taking time to write exceptionally good articles will be an asset in the long run.

Author Bio: Maria John owns an SEO consulting firm and has helped several companies to build better websites. She regularly writes online columns helping people to improve their search rankings.