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Posted on November 13, 2012 · Posted in Search Engines

Having a fresher look, updating the contents thus synchronizing them with today, to clean irrelevant information thus trimming are the main reasons for websites redesigning.

Not only good looks, but also the perfect balance of “search engine friendly”,”quality” and “usable”makes the website pop out of the window.

SEO consultation

SEO and usability always go side-by-side. Websites providing searchers quality user experience are ranked by search engines. There is some common mistake that might happen during redesigning the website.

The different advantages and disadvantages of the platform in concern are to be understood and the most flexible platform that can serve the desired needs is to be sorted out maintaining the SEO friendly nature. This is called the Content Management System.

After the successful selection of the platform, come the competitive analysis and the quality keyword research. Many free as well as paid tools are available for this. Google’s Adwords Tool is one of them.

The existing campaigns of paid search are another great source for the keyword research. The historical data and actual impressions on the performance of these words can be observed in terms of time on site, pages visited, click-through rate and conversion rate.

After the keywords have been targeted, loads of links and contents are to be gathered regarding that keyword. For checking the Competitive landscape, a Google search with “site:” will do.

A note in a spreadsheet comparing with the competitors is to be done and then OpenSiteExplorer is used for determining the websites linking to each.

Now the SEMRush is highly recommended. These “top competitors” can be drop; the value of the traffic of the natural search engine can be seen with the identification of the keywords driving the traffic. These keywords may be noted thus gaining the knowledge of their website structures.

A good looking website that will provide quality user experience and will be search engine friendly being the main goal, pages without any importance should be avoided.

Such useful contents add to the experience of the user and it is recommended by the SEO.

During redesigning sometimes due to rush, failure occurs in reviewing the analytics. Running a ranking report, reconsidering dumping a page that would disappear from the website, at least a 301 redirect the page to somewhere else must be the reviewing analytics.

The design has to be made SEO friendly. The use of JavaScript, CSS and displaying of HTML are checked during the stage of front-end development.

Now the URL structure is to be checked so that the logical flow is there and the main navigation is clear.

Keeping the URL structure same during relaunch, is the ideal case and if a small change occurs a 301 redirect is required at every important page of the previous site.

The sites that lacked password protection didn’t do well because of the duplicity of staging site. Once it is published, correction is very difficult and is bound to have 301 redirect to the URL of the new site.

Thus the staging version should have a login.