Posted on July 1, 2013 · Posted in General

Since time is money in the business world, it follows that more time is more money. And this is exactly what boosting your productivity will do. If you can squeeze more out of every unforgiving minute, you’ll ensure that you make more money and enjoy your life more. Fortunately, there are plenty of plugins and apps online that can help you do just this. Here are a few examples.

Rescue Time

Rescue Time is an auto time tracker for devices such as Android. For example, it will tell you exactly how long you spent on various distracting apps and other things on your phone, such as news apps, websites like the New York Times and Engadget, and so on. You can see how long you were in various phonecalls, playing games, browsing idly, and so on. It’s the ultimate app for eliminating bad habits that burn your time away.

Google Drive

Sharing files with others and trying to stay in communication with others remotely can be a real time waster every day. After all, it takes a few seconds to spool up your email, or to find the attachment button to send files to others, and so on. Using something like Google Drive is a great way to cut back on wasting time on clunky collaboration. You can automate a lot of processes such as sharing with others by just having auto-synced folders that will share projects you are working on with others as soon as you save them on your computer.


The Trickster app is for iOS and it lets you find anything you want on your device quicker than ever. When you think about just how much time you waste fishing around on your phone for files and apps, a tool like Trickster can be a huge way to eliminate wasting time in this way and get you straight to what you need without all the added seconds or frustration.


This app is for iOS and Android, and it makes it easier than ever before to keep track of what you need to do during your day. You can drag and drop inside of lists and reorder your projects easily. A major advantage of the app is that you can use it while your offline. After all, a to do list tool isn’t much use if it goes away the second you don’t have an Internet connection. Keeping organized is the key to saving time and boosting productivity and apps like this will help you do that.

The fact is that many companies are using more tools to automate and save time across all aspects of business from the employee performance review process to automating customer service responses. Automation is the rule of the day in terms of where technology is going in the long term and what developmental resources are being used. As a result, there’s no reason why individuals shouldn’t benefit from the same sort of technology to aid in minimizing the waste of time.