Posted on December 11, 2013 ยท Posted in Social Media

In the Age of Social Media, it might sound easy to jump into a regularly visited platform so that you can get straight to marketing. While creating a social media profile is far from difficult, you should be familiar with the marketing tactics that work and those that don’t. Just because you are part of a social media community does not mean that you will automatically appeal to an audience or gain followers. You will need to choose the tactics that the pros use if you really want your efforts to result in business growth. Here are 6 online tips of the times that you can use to your advantage:

#1: Build Your Presence on a Limited Number of Platforms

Social media may be king, but it’s important to limit the platforms that you use. A small presence isn’t always beneficial, but having a strong presence on a few platforms is. Take the time to research which platforms will help you reach the right audience, and choose these platforms so that you can reach the audience you want to reach. Overextending is a common problem with business owners who are new to social media marketing.


#2: Get Content Ideas From Your Competitors

When you’re marketing on a social media platform, customers don’t want to see an entire page of sales pitches. If you want to keep your audience engages so that your business grows, you’ll need to post relevant and information content. Creative content that adds value is ideal, and if you don’t have a clue where to start, get ideas from large competitors in your industry. See what content is getting the most shares and then generate your own pieces with a unique slant.


#3: Pictures Are Just as Valuable As content

Research shows that original photos make much more of an impact than text. The visuals that you choose are what will peak interest, and in a society with so many visual learners, you’ll need to put an effort in when you’re selecting cover photos or images for your board. Be sure that the image you select represents your brand effectively, and you’ll drive more traffic.


#4: Encourage Followers to Review Your Company

Social media is all about networking, and from a marketing aspect, companies want their biggest clients to be their marketers by sharing their experiences or your content. Encourage your fans and followers to post reviews on authentic Open Tell certified customer reviews about experiences that they have had. By doing this, you can build trust, brand awareness, and your fan following. For example, Jason’s deli reviews have increased traffic both in-store and online.


#5: Let Your Trustworthy Employees Advocate on Social Media

Employee advocacy is one of the most underutilized tactics that you should utilize for success. If you take the time to teach your employees what content to share, you employees can reach more users and create a strong online presence. It is all about training employees how to make connections and what is appropriate, but advocacy is important.


#6: Integrate Traditional and Modern Tactics

The key to marketing is integration. If you’re overlooking all traditional tactics, you’re missing a large audience. Be sure that you continue to participate in trade shows and live events, and meet people you’re connecting with online. You can also build connections that will turn into more followers.


Social media marketing is not easy, but it is effective. If you deploy a campaign that has been researched, you can reach members of society who are with the trends and who influence all other consumers. Social media is here to stay.