Posted on December 17, 2012 ยท Posted in General

Search engine optimisation means making sure that website can be easily found online by potential customers. Those who are counting on a website as their sole or primary source of income may want to hire a professional SEO agency to optimise a site, visit this website for more information. However, most people can do basic optimisation for their own site without professional help.

Using the right keywords is very important. A site that sells women’s shoes, for example, should have keywords such as “women’s shoes”, “discount women’s shoes” and/or other related keywords. A person may even want to optimise a site for a specific brand name or type of women’s shoes. The main keywords that a person uses for his or her site can also be used when putting up ads online.

Besides having good keyword optimisation, a site should also have good backlinks. These are links from other sites to the site in question. A link from an established, related site that gets a lot of traffic is invaluable and a person will want to get as many of these links as possible.

Using social media is yet another good way to optimise a site. A website should have an accompanying Facebook business page, blog, Twitter account and even YouTube account. These forms of social media catch the attention of millions of people a day and provide valuable avenues for free advertising.

Using article submission sites is also a good idea. These sites should not be used to place business advertisements but instead to provide helpful information related to the products or services that a person is offering. Some well known article submission sites that a person may want to consider using are eHow, Ezine and Hub Pages. An article submitted to one site should never be reused on a person’s blog, site or another article website, as Google will flag this as duplicate content and give it low ratings.

Search engine optimisation helps to attract customers to a website. A site should have keywords related to the items it is selling and/or promoting, along with good links from established websites. Submitting articles to article sites is also a good idea as it will build links and help establish a website as an authoritative source of information.