Posted on June 6, 2013 · Posted in General

At a time when the Internet is considered the main communication medium by many businesses, Web presence has never been more important. When the subject of Web presence comes up, it is unavoidable to talk about the crucial role that domain hosting plays. Having a good-looking website would definitely attract potential clients to your site – but to get them there, you would need the right domain name. A good domain name, however, is useless without the proper domain hosting. In fact, some will argue that the success of a website depends on having the right domain hosting. For one, domain hosting has an impact on a website’s search engine ranking. If you still don’t know the importance of search engine optimization or SEO then you have a lot of catching up to do.

Below are some others ways domain hosting can impact the success of your business.

Make Your Site Load Faster

People online are known to be impatient. They want everything served in an instant. If a website is slow to load, they will not hesitate to close the window and move on. This is why loading time is important for a website. One of the factors that affect loading time is domain hosting. Some people do not realize the value of loading time until they notice the traffic to their websites dwindling. You can even lose your existing visitors if it takes ages for your website to load. Choose a good domain hosting service if you want faster loading time. The extra cost is well worth it.

Avoid Duplicate Content Issues

One of the things that you have to watch out for if you are a website owner is having duplicate content. Unfortunately, you can have duplicate content even without knowing about it thanks to your domain hosting service. This is because some domain hosts create sub-domains together with your registered domain. What happens is that the sub-domains would carry the same content that can be found in the main domain and this is what can possibly alert search engines regarding duplicate content. It is easy to avoid this though. All you need to do is find the file named robots.txt and edit it to stop search engines from indexing the file. Competent customer support from a domain hosting provider can also help you with such an issue.

Prevent Downtime

Nobody likes a website that is always down. If your website is always down then you will lose visitors and your business will surely suffer. The uptime of a server depends greatly on the domain hosting provider. Uptime is particularly important if you are running an online store. Can you imagine what will happen if your site suddenly experiences downtime while customers are about to make purchases? Of course such a scenario will be disastrous. Again, you can avoid this by getting a reputable domain hosting service.

If you are still not convinced that domain hosting greatly influences your website’s performance and your business, then maybe nothing can change your mind but experience. As you can see, however, some of the consequences can be quite dire.

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