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Instant offices are getting popular nowadays, especially amongst businessmen who travel around the globe and start up business.  Many offices like virtual offices and the like have countless benefits for business executives and new businesses.  Some of these are cost efficient, flexible, easy to use, and mobile.  On the other hand, it is important that one gets the best and appropriate office features and solutions to create an impact for their business.  What are these features that you need to look into?

          These features are divided into two categories; technical and area support.  Technical support refers to gadgets and office solutions for communication and administrative function and operations.  Area support refers to the place of business together with important factors such as the area itself.

          Here are the things that you should look into. You can absolutely find all these things in most business centers in cities like Shanghai.

Technical Support

  1. Techno-Savvy Receptionist – Meaning, not just any kind of receptionist or staff, but technologically skilful, efficient and knowledgeable with computers, fax and telephone answering, photocopiers, scanners, and other virtual gadgets.  These people should be able to fill the gap between you as a businessman and your clients.
  2. Technological Gadgets – Part time offices or serviced offices are not complete if it cannot accommodate or provide services such as incoming and outgoing fax messages, scanning and emailing of documents, receiving and making outgoing calls, and even storage of information through a storage cloud.
  3. Technical Assistant – In standard offices, employment of IT technicians who fix problems such as log in problems and printing errors is a must.  There are also information technologists who will attend to photo editing matters, logo design, etc.  Thus, it is also important that day offices employ these people and clients should ensure presence of these support people in order not to disrupt operations.

Area Support

          Flexible Office Space may be temporal in nature but it doesn’t mean that it cannot provide area support which can be permanently etched in the consciousness of the clients.  A temporary office should offer businessman like you the following:

  1. Permanent address. People or your clients should have an address in Beijing or other modern and busy cities in China.  In addition to having a physical address, an online address is just as important.  A physical address can serve as your mailing or postal address and the online address can show that your business is legal and legitimate.
  2. Furniture and Fixture. Since day offices serve as alternative offices, furniture and fixtures should offer the same kind of comfort. It is always a good idea to look into comfortable chairs and eye catching walls or fixtures that are appropriate with your business.
  3. Eating, Meeting, and Resting. Working all day makes one idle and gray.  Thus, serviced offices, in order to be competitive, should include amenities like restaurants, conference or meeting halls, and lounge areas for you and your clients to take a break.

By taking these advices, it would become easy your business to grow and have a bright future.

Reynold Gustavson is a self-employed online entrepreneur currently working from four different cities around the world. He is a regular contributor to various sites and blogs specializing in startup businesses, business travelling and working environment solutions for self-employed business owners.