Posted on June 5, 2013 · Posted in General

In a warehouse environment, items are always on the move. Whether loading or unloading inventory, making shipments or relocating existing inventory in a more efficient layout, there’s a sense of constant motion within the warehouse setting.

While generally, maintaining the same location for specific products provides a foundation for efficiency, there’s sometimes a need to relocate your inventory. That could mean filling pallets with a different item after a shipment is sent, re-labeling shelves to accommodate new products, eliminating labels for inventory that’s no longer carried, or even a complete overhaul of the facility’s layout. Because these situations are increasingly common in today’s ever-changing environment, magnetic label solutions are ideal to prevent the costs associated with re-labeling using permanent warehouse labels.

Warehouse Industry Faces Constant Change

The continuous changes and expansion necessary to meet the demands in today’s warehouse industry are made far simpler with magnetic label solutions that offer both the flexibility and durability you need for daily operations. Magnetic rack labels, for instance, can be constructed from durable materials that are capable of withstanding exposure to general purpose cleaners and mild acids without affecting readability or scannability.

Warehouses play a critical role in the supply chain for most consumer products. Delays at the warehouse level can cause shortages at retail locations and a host of other problems which can impact the bottom line. That’s why opting for a customized magnetic label solution—one that provides the foundation for maximizing efficiency—is so critical when faced with increasing consumer demands, rush shipments, constant product rotations and other last-minute changes that are difficult to keep up with when using a traditional label solution.

Preserving the All-Important Bottom Line with Magnetic Warehouse Labels

In the face of constant change, maintaining efficient operations is no easy feat. But using magnetic label solutions is one way to reduce costs and help preserve the all-important bottom line that keeps your organization afloat.

With a traditional label solution, re-organizing your facility’s layout to promote efficiency for your floor staff could mean making a pretty significant investment in re-labeling the various areas and racks. But magnetic label solutions make this process seamless—simply relocate the existing labels to the appropriate racks and locations to place products where it makes the most sense.

When new products are entering the market every day, consumer demand drives everything from manufacturing and production to transport and logistics. It’s important to be able to easily relocate the fastest-moving products to the most easily accessible areas. When you know you’ll need to relocate products from time to time, it doesn’t make sense to invest the time and money in permanent labels—most of which are designed with strong adhesive that’s meant to be difficult to remove. A single investment in magnetic labels can serve your needs for much longer, negating many of those re-investment costs and saving the time and materials you’d need to remove existing labels and replace them.

Magnetic label solutions from Camcode are a functional and cost-effective solution for the warehouse setting, where constant change is inevitable and maximizing productivity is critical for success. Options such as color-coding and custom design elements provide a more functional solution, making it easier to identify appropriate areas and products. When magnetic warehouse rack labels are combined with a complete, customized warehouse label and signage solution, your facility can be both flexible and functional.