Posted on June 25, 2013 · Posted in Personal

The job market has people worried about their job security. Luckily, 2013 is a good year for growing, stable careers. Here are seven careers with a healthy outlook.

1. Physical Therapist

Raise Your Hand to Health
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Unless people stop getting injured, physical therapists will always be needed. These people help others improve their quality of life through recommended exercises and hands-on therapy to help with ailments. They can help with pain management and aid injured people with stretches that will permanently help them.

2. Computer Systems Analyst

These analysts check systems and usage within the company they work for and make recommendations so that systems can run efficiently. Technology is not going anywhere, so this position is a necessity for almost every business. You’ll help people do their jobs better and make their lives easier by being their go-to technology person.

3. Dental Hygienist

These people help keep mouths clean and teeth strong. They assist dentists with exams, cleanings and surgeries. They are necessary for dentists to run an efficient practice. The low stress environment allows for flexible schedules and good salaries. Kool Smiles is a great tool to find dental jobs in your area. There are also many clinics that are set up in lower income areas that are subsidized by the government for people who cannot afford dental care to come in and get the proper care they need.

4. Financial Planner

Because of the recent economic dip, financial planners are in high-demand. They help people manage their money and plan for a comfortable retirement. Financial planners also help people invest in the right stocks and give investment advice. This position is not going anywhere, so if you’re good with numbers and feel confident about your ability to make people feel comfortable with their money, then this job is perfect for you.

5. Software Engineer

Like Computer Systems Analysts, Software Engineers are in high-demand. They are a necessary piece to a growing company. They not only have to write the software codes, they also have to constantly check and update those codes so that the software remains relevant. Almost any business that is looking to utilize computers is going to be looking for a few software engineers, even if it’s only for contract work and not a full time position.  If you’re creative, innovative, and have a keen attention to detail, this position needs you.

6. Biomedical Engineer

This position helps physicians do their jobs by analyzing medical equipment, medical systems, and imaging systems that the physicians use. By assisting the physician, biomedical engineers are insuring that all life-supporting equipment is functioning. When anything goes wrong with medical equipment, they’re the ones called. If you want to help sick people have the best hospital care, then this is the job for you.

7. Veterinarian

Even though most children say they want to grow-up to become a Vet, they rarely do. This job is in demand to work with not only domesticated pets, but also zoos, aquariums and ecological research. Vets inspect livestock and promote public health by diagnosing infections and diseases.

Stop listening to people who are constantly complaining about the job market. Fine tune your skills to make them marketable and look into these safe career fields. Job security does exist, and knowing the right jobs to enter is the basic ingredient to finding a stable career.