Posted on February 3, 2013 · Posted in General

If you look around, you’ll find that a lot of industries today depend on computer networking to keep their employees connected and to have their business run smooth. Network administrators are professionals who know the ins and outs of a computer and are responsible for troubleshooting any problems while ensuring that everything’s going well.

Network administration is a growing field that offers a number of profitable and rewarding challenges for those who are good at gaining and using technical knowledge, especially if you’re starting your career in Florida. Why Florida? Simply because Miami offers an excellent Network Administration program. So pursuing your network administration degree in Miami will only open up better opportunities for you. Given below are a three strong reasons as to why networking administration could be the right career path for you…

1. You Will Learn As You Grow 

If you notice, you’ll see that job descriptions in the field of network administration mention words/phrases such as “network configuration” and “hardware evaluation”. However, if you dig deeper you’ll find that every corporate network differs from the other, and most companies have network procedures tailored specifically for them.

What does this mean to you? It simply means that most if not all of the job’s specifics will be taught to you in on-site training. The qualification that you gained from your previous company isn’t likely to fit in directly with the new company’s networking needs.

2. You Will be in Demand 

The annual median salary in the United States for network administrators in 2013 is expected to be around $76,000. The good thing is, network administrators not only pull in a higher wage, but they are also in demand during the global recession too, since they are an integral part of any big company.

According to the United States Department of Labor, there will be an estimated 97,500 new network administration job openings between 2010 and 2020. And that is in addition to the already available 300,000 jobs in major cities like Los Angeles, New York and Miami. So if you have been trying to get into an industry that offers real, long term growth potential, then network administration is for you.

3. You Will Have an Inroad to Almost Every Industry 

The fact remains that networks are crucial when it comes to the functioning of any and every large business today. Right from manufacturing to non profit activism to food service, networking is an important part of most successful businesses.

Once you’ve done enough to prove yourself as a reliable network administrator, you will be able to market yourself directly to different businesses that interest you. What’s more, most developing nations are showing clear interest in building/growing their technological infrastructure. Which simply means that as a network administrator you get the chance to go globe trotting and make a strong impact in all those exotic lands you get to visit.

Network administration is a field that will most definitely bring you new opportunities as time goes by. If you’re interested in this career path and want to go places, then this is the right time to start.