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Personal blogs are a way for people to express their personal views, work, and put a face behind a company brand. Just as varying as the theme of each personal blog is the quality, and success of the author in getting his or her message across in an engaging and interesting way. The Webby awards dedicate a category to personal blogs, acknowledging the work of those bloggers who manage to gain a strong following and present content in a memorable way. Here is the winner of the 2013 Webby for Personal Blogs, as well as a few of the honorees who were considered.

Webby Winner

Thibault Jorge was the 2013 winner for the personal blog category. His personal blog has a greeting that is straight and to the point; the blog’s title is “I’m a Project Manager” and is displayed in white font on a black background. Below his to-the-point and bold title, the blogger created an interactive and visually appealing display of his work. Each project is represented by a large thumbnail from the creative aspect of the work, as well as a brief description. This blogger created a unique page, accessed through the main page project thumbnail, for each individual project. The pages not only describe the projects, but also show off screen shots and other interactive content. His bright visuals and the ease of use for his webpage earned this blogger the top spot.

People’s Choice

The Webby for People’s Choice in the Personal Blog category was awarded to a blog called “Daily Dishonesty”. This graphic designer and blogger posts interesting graphics that each contain a simple statement, such as “My diet starts tomorrow” or “I don’t get hangovers.” The statements are humorous, and often irreverent, showing off the blogger’s creative talents. Best of all, these posts provide images that readers can easily use to link back to the site on other blogs, websites or social media pages. The blogger also has social media links at the top of the page, which send blog followers to the Facebook and Twitter pages that represent the blog. Fans found the blog silly, easy to read, and easy to share with friends, earning the fan favorite prize.

Other Nominees

There are a total of 10 nominees for each Webby category. Some of the other nominees for the Personal Blog category include a site called “A Baby Boomer Woman’s Life After 50,” which shares posts, cartoons, and other targeted content for women in the appropriate age range. This blog reaches out to a specific demographic in an interesting way, earning it a spot for Webby consideration. Another blog that was nominated for the prize is “Toddler Times,” which also speaks to a very specific group of people: parents of toddler children. This site makes it easy to choose from a variety of articles write on the home page, which is a convenience factor no doubt appreciated by the busy moms and dads who read the page on a regular basis.

These personal blogs come from a variety of sources, but all made use of dynamic images and useful content. Making the pages easy to share on social media thanks to unique URLs also helped the bloggers get the word out about their work.

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