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Mobile applications have become inseparable from our lives. The deep penetration of these devices has brought tremendous comfort to users. It doesn’t matter whether it is a business or common man, all need the smartphone assistance to improve benefits. The present scenario explains the necessity of the applications for different platforms like Android, iPhones, and Windows 8. And I know developers can throw up their hands in joy over this.


Of the pack, the rage for Android is swelling all the time as it has got the attraction which other platforms don’t possess. Excluding Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows, Android is powered with reliable features which drive users utilizing its devices crazy. Apart from this, the open source nature offers incredible benefits to customers using it all over the world as it can be customized by any developer across any part of the world. Customization offered is the biggest gain Android has over the other platforms which are difficult to be cusotmized.
Today, most Android developers developing Android apps as 90% of people are looking forward to great apps based on Android platform. As Android applications growth is mounting sky high, the expense associated with raising them is raising above the bar as well. It is another reason that has garnered the Android app developers towards this fantastic open source development zone.
Compared to others, Android is the platform with cross-platform ability. It is the sole reason why most organizations are after running behind this wonder too to make it large among people. This advanced integration option has helped a lot of businesses to raise the performance as well as ROIs with much ease.
As Android app development doesn’t require any costly licenses or tools, it is becomes the automatic choices of many. Now, Android apps are available under Rs. 10, 000 as well. Especially in India, the growth of Android app is scaling to a new high as recently a survey stated that more than 20 apps have been downloaded by Indians for cost just below 10,000 rupees.
The Android app store is swelling all the time and the number of apps in the store has been doubled in the recent times. Compared to the last few years, the application development for android in the app store has been tripled and it’s the reason why Android app stores are on a new high.
Every day, there is an update about a new app being published by Android app developers in the store. It is a healthy situation with so many developers fixing their eyes on this wonder platform.
According to many surveys and reports, Android application development growth is escalating, and next year, it is expected to pass 1.7 million apps which would be a distant dream for Apple as well. Google Play already is stalked with 890,000 apps and it may include another 575,000 to it in near future. So, can Android become the best of all the platforms in the current mobile app space?